Amanda’s Wedding

Amanda was such a joy to work with.  Not only was she absolutely gorgeous, but she had such a good heart too.
 I wanted to keep Amanda’s overall look classic, yet glamorous.  With how much hair she had, an updo with intricate detail was desired in order to show off her dress.  By adding the white flower to the side of the updo, it helped to make everything match.  It also added a touch of sophistication to the hairstyle.  The side swept bangs that framed her face helped to hold the flower in place.

In terms of makeup, I didn’t want to add too much being that she was already stunning without it.  By adding definition to her eyes, it helped to make them stand out and appear bigger and brighter.  Blush is always an important makeup product to use whenever photos are being taken. It helps the face to not appear dull and flat. I applied a healthy flush to her cheeks, which added a glow that the camera would pick up.  Slap on a nude lipstick and the complete look was achieved!

Thank you to Megan Mcgee for such beautiful photographs!

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