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So you’re engaged! Congratulations! Let the wedding planning begin! Flowers, invitations, linens, guestbooks, photographers, catering…. so many decisions to make.

But what about your wedding day beauty plan? I’m about to make that decision real easy for you.

With YouTube tutorials and aunties selling Mary Kay and Pinterest inspiration boards, it seems obvious that every woman should be not only capable, but totally qualified to do her own makeup on wedding day, right? WRONG!

Let me break down why having a professional makeup artist for your wedding day is going to save you a lot of grief.

Photos are expensive. And they should be. Afterall, when you are 65 years old, all you will have to remember your wedding day will be a husband and those photos.  Just you, your hubby, and photos. So they need to be great. But if your makeup is not on point, it doesn’t matter how great your photographer is, you will not be happy with the final product. And you will lack confidence knowing that you don’t look your best and that will show in the photos as well. Think of a makeup artist as an insurance policy. We guarantee you will look and feel stunning in that wedding album and that you will beam with confidence.  When is the next time you will spend thousands of dollars on a photo of yourself?  And you want to trust it to the consumer product the chick at the Dillard’s counter sold you?  Speaking of consumer products…

Your drugstore and typical consumer brands are made for everyday use.  Running to the grocery store, Covergirl works just fine.  There’s no problem with these products for everyday looks, I use them all the time on myself.

But there is a massive difference between consumer products and PHOTO READY products.

Photo ready product has been arduously tested and optimized to photograph well.  The product actually is made to stand up to HOURS of photos, kisses on the cheek from Grandma, the heat of summer, the photographer’s lights…Covergirl cannot hang with that. Professional products make a world of difference in the way your makeup holds and looks on camera. They are made to reflect light appropriately, to stay put through weather and overrunning emotions, and to provide coverage and intensity without bulk.

You know those days when you are doing your eyeliner and suddenly, the dog barks, startling you. Your hand jerks and that gorgeous Stila Stay All Day liquid liner is squiggled across your nose. No worries! You’ll just use a Qtip to clean it up… or in this case, smudge it further onto your cheek. But wait! You bought this eyeliner for its incredible staying power and because Michelle Phan uses it in her liquid liner tutorial! Which means that now dry smudge… is stuck. A little makeup remover will take it right off… along with that pristine foundation underneath. You’re left with a clean Qtip sized streak of skin from the bridge of your nose to the apple of your cheek. At this point, you are angry and frustrated and correcting all this is making you late.

Do you really want to chance this scenario on wedding day when you should be lying back, eyes closed, with a mimosa in hand, trusting the eyeliner to a professional?   nah.

But Aunt Suzy has volunteered to hook you up, girlfriend, with that new Pretty Plum shade of lipstick from “insert direct sales company here”. A free makeup application AND skin care treatment. Heck yes! But within 30 mins, you notice a weird tingling on your lips. It turns to a burning and your lips are getting awfully chapped and peely looking. But since Aunt Suzy didn’t have a trial run with you, she never asked about your allergies. She didn’t realize you are allergic to wool. And the lanolin in the lipstick you’re wearing is derived from.. you guessed it! Wool! So “You May Kiss the Bride” is going to be a little less soft and supple and a little more crusty and ouchie.

Most importantly of all, this is your wedding day. DAY. Singular, not plural. You only get one chance (hopefully) to have all the attention on you and hubs and celebrate your love. That day should start off easy, relaxed and fun.

Please, even if it’s not with us, give yourself the gift of a stress-free wedding day preparation process, ensure that you look and FEEL your best for those expensive (worth it) photos, and ENJOY what is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life.

Why Won’t My Mascara Stay On?- Nashville Makeup Artist

Panda’s are super cute. But you don’t wanna look like one.

Why won’t your mascara stay on? Two reasons: Eye shape and oils.

If you are one of those that ends up with mascara and liner smudged all under your eyes like a panda, you are not alone. Eye shape is the most common reason this happens. Every time you blink, if your lashes are touching the skin under your eyes because your eyes are deep set or your cheekbones are very high, you run the risk of mascara transfer. Same is true if you have lots of puffiness under the eyes. But you are not without hope!

The other reason mascara moves is oils. A lot of ladies don’t realize that their eye creams and concealers could have oils in them that breakdown their mascara. So even if their eye shape doesn’t lend toward the potential smudge factor, the oils in their under eye products lead to a serious smudgy crisis.

The fix for this problem is easy. Avoid super oily eye creams and concealers. Opt for less heavy formulas. Or use a eye cream and brightener like Ginzing from Origins instead to get brightness under there and forgo the concealer all together. Also, POWDER! A small amount of powder underneath the eyes will absorb any excess oils from other products and will create a barrier between your skin and lashes that the mascara cannot adhere to. Makeup Artist secret: I use Hugo Naturals baby powder under my eyes. It’s light, super fine, does a great job absorbing moisture and is talc free.

Here’s to no more Panda eyes,
-Amy Lynn Larwig

September 30, 2015 - 3:48 pm Ferry - Thank you sooo sooo much!!! I am so excited to wear this liltte beauty and even more excited to work with the amazing vendors through StudioWed for our wedding!

Labor Day Sales!- Nashville Makeup Artist

It’s September 1st! Get a fresh start on the month and say goodbye to summer by taking advantage of these Labor Day Sales!

Tarte is offering up to $30 off with the code LDAY.

House of Lashes has 20% of EVERYTHING!

Stila will give you a free Stay All Day Lip Color when you purchase a Black Stay All Day Liner.

Origins has a free Drink Up lip balm and free shipping with $35 purchase.

Makeup Freebies!

Introducing… Amy Lynn Larwig!- Nashville Makeup Artist

Amy Lynn Larwig began pursuit of her dream at the age of 16, doing special events and parties on the VA Coast.
After countless faces, shoots, and studying abroad Amy Lynn’s artistry style has emerged and flourished.
She humbly accredits this to a philosophy that a bride’s look must be customized to fit her; ensuring that she not only looks, but feels like the best version of herself. Precision is almost an obsession for her and it shows in the clients’ final look.
Amy Lynn’s favorite part of the face is the cheeks, she makes a banana pudding that will send you to heaven, and she jams to Tracey Chapman songs.

Introducing… MJ!- Nashville Makeup Artist

He’s the man that keeps us all together. Schedules, invoices, website, inventory, and the occasional “I need a huge favor…”, he does it all. A marvelous writer and skilled organizer, MJ is the backbone of our world. As artists, we can be a bit flighty, but he keeps a little string tied to our feet so we don’t fly too far off. MJ is a client’s first responder when they contact ALL + Associates and takes care of each one through the entire process. He spends much of his time reading books on philosophy and maintaining that manly physique of his at the gym.

Introducing… Dominique Calvillo!- Nashville Makeup Artist

A recent addition to the Nashville community, Dominique Calvillo began her career in Los Angeles, CA, with a passion to create customized makeup looks and hair designs that enable her clients to look and feel their best.

Dominique is a licensed cosmetologist and received formal education at Christophe Beverly Hills where she developed an expertise in formal up-do, braiding, and editorial styling.  She is experienced in almost all aspects of top-tier makeup application and hair styling; everything from unforgettable weddings, to red carpet events, to work on film and tv.

If you want a braid, this is the sister you want. She’s magical with shapes and complimenting individual features. “The Dom” as we affectionately call her, has a knack for compliments and hangs out with the homeless in her spare time.

Introducing… Tianna Calcagno!- Nashville Makeup Artist

Raised in a creative environment, Tianna Calcagno was exposed to various forms of artistic expression at a very early age.  Nurtured in this environment, Tianna developed a rich passion for viewing the face and body as a unique and beautiful canvas.

After graduating from college she began her career in the music industry working for a production company in Nashville, TN. Working with some of the top talent in Christian and Country music, she was given the opportunity to foster her love of makeup and hair styling. Tianna is grateful to have had the worked with so many unforgettable brides, CMT, Sony, Lifeway,, Russell Athletic, Thomas Nelson and more.

Tianna has a masterful way with eyes, a love for all things gluten free, and she can maneuver a kayak like nobody’s business.

Introducing… Alex the Intern! – Nashville Makeup Artist

Alex is a senior majoring in Entertainment Industry Studies with a minor in Marketing at Belmont. She is on track to becoming an event planner and is eagerly learning all the ropes of working in the entertainment biz. Alex has a flair for bright hair color, knows a lot about gelato, and is fantastic at helping my lofty ideas make sense on paper. We are super thankful to have her!

Photo: Amy Nicole Photography

“Happy” cover, Redhead Express- Nashville Makeup Artist

It’s always a joy to work with people who are light hearted and excited about their projects. Redhead Express is a seriously talented group of sisters who are kind and a real treat to be around. They are extremely hard workers and never complain, even through the blistering heat and long hours. Their passion for music is evident as their sweet voices filled the rooms of their home as we worked on getting them gussied up for this video. Each girl is so unique and we designed their looks to reflect their individuality. Hair was done by the magical Robin Geary. Much love to my assistant Dominique Calvillo who can powder sweat like no body’s business.

Here is their cover of “Happy”.

Rehearsal Makeup- Nashville Makeup Artist

Rehearsal dinner makeup can be wher you get a little funky with it. Wedding day makeup is typically more classic, so the night before you can let the drama out.

Step 1- Do your foundation as usual.

Step 2- Prime your eye lids from the lash line to just beyond the crease. I like Smashbox 24 hour eye primer

Step 3- Grab yourself a kohl black liner and line all the way around the eye, top and bottom. Don’t worry about it being perfect.

Step 4- Smudge the mess out of it. Using a smudge brush, move that liner up to the crease, blending it lighter as you go up. And smoke it out along the bottom lashline too.

Step 5- Top it all off with a frosty shadow. This will create a metallic effect.

Step 6- Finish off with some cheek and lip color.

Step 7- Dazzle.

Much love to The Dom for being our model. Isn’t her skin to die for? And to Amy, my darling, for the photos.