Halloween Giveaway!- Nashville Hair and Makeup Artist

We love a good scare. But not when it comes to our face! Leave a comment below with your spookiest makeup experience and you’ll be entered to win a Japonesque 7 piece bamboo brush set. Contest ends at midnight on Halloween. Winner will be chosen at random on Nov 1st.

Here are some of our most terrifying makeup moments.

Amy Lynn’s spookiest makeup moment: The time the Estee’ Lauder lady drew my lips WAY outside their natural line and the only way I didn’t look like a Julia Roberts wannabe was to smile really wide and stretch the skin out.

Amy Lynn Larwig

Anais’ scariest makeup moment: Putting in expired contacts (without knowing) after having done a 4 hour makeup and crying half of it off.

Anais SHiba

Dominique’s eerie makeup moment: Halloween 2011. Cried all the makeup off. I had rhinestones and glue dripping all over my face. I could have gone blind.

dominique calvillo


Tianna’s nightmare makeup moment- I had a bride that became so emotional and upset, that she ran out into the POURING rain just after I finished her hair and makeup. She came back in, soaked, and we had to start all over again.

No photo to protect the poor bride who ended up looking beautiful for her day, even after the downpour of rain and tears.

So what’s YOUR spookiest makeup moment? Comment below to enter to win this Japonesque 7 piece bamboo brush set!

brush set

October 30, 2014 - 6:53 am Elizabeth - My horrific makeup story was for a recital and I had several girls sign up to get makeup done. I had a girl come up to me 10 minutes before her time to go on stage, she hadn't signed up but she had no makeup on so I felt obligated to help her. She ended up going on stage with ONE dramatic false lash and half way done makeup. I was mortified when she came backstage with her bright red lipstick smudged everywhere and her one lash falling off...

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