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Miranda’s Engagement Glam!- Nashville Makeup Artist

Ok, prepare yourself. This post is full of gorgeousness at such a high level your brain may explode. (not liable for any brain juice messes) Miranda and I met through her relationship with CJ’s Off The Square, where she held her May wedding. It was February at this point and she walked in with blue […]

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Natasha’s Wedding Day Glam!- Nashville Makeup Artist

Natasha is a hoot. She is super smiley and just a happy little burst of energy. Here are her bridal portraits from Chris and Adrienne Scott. Mary Malone took care of the hair do’. Natasha kind of let me take the reins on her look. She wanted to be glammed up, for sure. So we […]

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Emily’s Wedding Day Glam!- Nashville Makeup Artist

Emily came to me after having a not so pleasant makeup experience shortly before her wedding. It’s not all that unusual for ladies to come to me in a panic after having a scary makeup experience either with a non-professional makeup artist, or after they’ve done their own makeup and realized how terribly standard products […]

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